How is the illuminated pylon market doing?

The market for illuminated pylons has remained stable for years. Why? Illuminated advertising pylons are located near the street or at the entrance to the company building and are therefore the first to welcome the customer. In many cases they are used for orientation and signposting. They therefore fulfill a central task of illuminated advertising. Illuminated letters and light boxes, on the other hand, are already on the company building and (unfortunately) often remain invisible to drivers.

What properties must an illuminated advertising pylon absolutely have?

Weather and UV resistance are fundamental properties for KLW pylons. These are assumed by our customers and not actively questioned. It is often a challenge to design illuminated pylons in such a way that they have the best possible optics when they are not illuminated during the day and when they are illuminated. In addition, the lighting systems must have a long service life, and they must also be planned and installed precisely. Robust materials for the front panels as well as a robust frame construction and ground anchoring guarantee stability against extreme weather, which unfortunately is becoming more and more common. The stability is guaranteed by a local static according to the corresponding wind zone load. The longevity of a pylon is and remains the be-all and end-all.

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What other variants/shapes for illuminated pylons are there and which are trendy?

True to the motto "It's not possible - doesn't exist", KLW has already implemented a number of special advertising pylons. There are almost no limits to the design. We plan each pylon individually. In our perception, the developments are primarily of a stylistic nature. The selected variant adapts its appearance to the current trends in the building trade. More frequently, our customers express individual wishes for the technical equipment and complex functions of an advertising pylon, such as digital clock, temperature and text displays with LED displays as well as monitors for digital signage applications for indoor and outdoor use.

It will be interesting to see what other unusual shapes KLW will create in the future.

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