Our corporation - Assembly

"At dizzying heights. Massive lamps are lifted with the crane and brought into position. Our fitter, who specializes in demanding installations, gets to work. Every move has to be right. Time is running out. The exchange of the advertising element on the tower, which can be seen from afar, has to be over the stage by six in the morning.”

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Light off? Light on!

Prompt repair work in an emergency, regular maintenance and ongoing service by our qualified assembly and service staff is available to you throughout Austria, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

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The installation of illuminated advertising is planned and coordinated with military precision. Nothing can go wrong on day X. The large illuminated letters need space and have to be positioned exactly. The many years of experience and the corresponding fleet of vehicles help here.

We are happy to take on the service and repair of your illuminated advertising, as well as the cleaning and replacement of lamps and transformers - even for third-party systems.

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