Our corporation - Introducing ourselves

Do you want to represent your brand with illuminated advertising and make your message shine?

My name is Ing. Michael Kahmann. Managing director of Kahmann-Frilla light advertising.

As an Austrian family company, market leader and one of the TOP 10 in Europe, we have been dealing with the advertising medium light for more than 50 years: from special projects such as the UniCredit logo on the Danube Tower, which was mounted by helicopter, to the yellow Billa bags on the Wall of every branch in Austria. But also for the baker around the corner who needs a single, individual illuminated sign.

Perhaps you are planning a new external appearance yourself and are looking for unusual, fresh ideas. Or it's about getting a difficult project with special requirements and a tight schedule on track. Or you need an implementation partner with your own logistics for all of Austria, Central and Eastern Europe.

These are exactly the tasks that we have implemented for customers such as Stiegel, Austrian Airlines, ÖBB, Billa, ... And many of our customers have become long-term partners, even friends.

Pado Montage oben

We always go the extra mile until it suits you. We manufacture in our own workshops - so you remain flexible and have full control up to the last minute. And by the way: We demonstrably keep fixed appointments 100%.

That was important to my father and that's what makes our success: uncompromising customer satisfaction and quality.

Michael Kahmann 2

But as the person responsible for the project, you know best: the devil is often in the detail. And therefore our suggestion:

Call us, contact us. Come to us in Altlengbach.

In a one-and-a-half to two-hour briefing, let us clarify exactly what you need, what the best options are, and how we can ensure your project is a success.

Look forward to putting your brand in the right light!

Yours sincerely, Michael Kahmann

Key data from the company history

1968 Company founded by Klaus Kahmann in 1120 Vienna, Ehrenfelsgasse 17

Kk 1962
KLW Ehrenfelsgasse

1975 Takeover of the Stachetsberger company in Altlengbach - consistent expansion of the plant

KLW Stachetsberger

1980 Conversion to GmbH

1982 Award of the Austrian national coat of arms

1985 Construction of the office building in 1140 Vienna, Hackingerstrasse 16

2000 Mr. Klaus Kahmann withdraws from the operative business, handover to daughter and son


In 2001 - after more than 30 years of experience with illuminated advertising - the two Austrian market leaders, Kahmann Lichtwerbung GmbH and Frilla Lichtwerbung AG, merged and since then have not only been the undisputed number 1 on the Austrian illuminated advertising market, but also among the eight leading manufacturers in Europe and important partner for Central and Central Europe.

The next step took place in 2013. Taking international developments into account, Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung took over 100% of the shares in Neonex.
A tried and tested supplier up to this day.

2018 was an absolute highlight in the company's history: KLW celebrated its 50th company anniversary and enjoyed the best company result to date. Together with our branch in Slovakia, Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung now employs around 150 people.

KLW Hubschrauber

2021 In order to continue to meet the strategic requirements of KLW in the future, the location in Slovakia is expanded by a further 1000 m² production hall, which is equipped with a corresponding cargo crane and meets the requirements of modern steel construction.

Gebäude KLW sk
KLW SK Halle 2