Exterior Signage / out of home - Illuminated signage

Spannfolienschild mit Foliendekor
Leuchtschild mit Digitaldruck
Leuchtschild mit Foliendekor
Spannfolienschild mit Digitaldruck
Leuchtschild mit Durchsteckbuchstaben
Leuchtschild mit Aludibondwannen, Dekor ausgefräst und mit Acrylglas hinterlegt
Leuchtschild mit bombierter Acrylfront, Dekor lasergeschnitten, intasiert

Show your customers where and who you are from afar.
Many years of experience and the highest quality go into these products.

You can find many more examples in the references!

We produce illuminated signs in both portrait and landscape format and are available in standardized formats or made to measure. Special shapes are also possible! Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

The sign can be made in a single or double-sided design, and is illuminated using powerful LEDs.

Execution options for advertising space:

  • Acrylic glass with foil decor or digital print
  • Stretch film with film decor or digital printing
  • Alucobond plate with push-through letters
  • Alucobond plate with backed acrylic