Mit Leuchtschild-Konfigurator. Ausgewählte Produkte nach Maß selbst konfigurieren und online bestellen.
The classic of advertising: up-to-date with new technologies and a variety of design forms to put your message in the spotlight. Make a strong statement for your brand!
Digitalization meets steel construction: The opportunities in the area of signage are far from being exhausted. Upgrade your advertising campaigns to the next level.
The grand entrance: Implementation in practice makes all the difference. We have a reputation for always going the extra mile for our customers. Now, what are your unique requirements for us?
Whether it's a simple neon sign or an advertising tower that can be seen from afar: let us inspire you with innovative design ideas and show you how we can provide you with the support in your individual construction project.
A glimpse behind the curtains: The people, experiences and values that define the KLW difference. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

Kahmann-Frilla Lichtwerbung. High performance by day and by night.

Our job is to portray brands and advertising messages - the key investment of many companies - in the right light, quite literally.