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"Working at KLW suits me"

Employees tell:

"...because it never gets boring. Very interesting products are made. Here you can work independently and learn a lot. It's fun to be part of the team. My biggest challenge was when I took over purchasing in 2008. The management stands behind the employees. The KLW company has been very successful for decades."
Rosemarie Magyar, Purchasing, has been with us for almost 37 years
"...because I got the chance to grow into it as a project assistant for our major customer ÖBB. The number of projects involved an enormous amount of work on my part, but I couldn't have learned it any better. Today I'm allowed to transfer my knowledge to a new one Pass it on to colleagues and turn to the challenge of other interesting key accounts. I am particularly interested in digital signage and know that there is enough work waiting for me in the next few years."
Remus Lada, Verkauf / Kundenberatung, seit 7 Jahren dabei
"...because I can work and make decisions on my own responsibility. Solving difficult tasks - that's a big "motivator" for me. My customers appreciate that too. I'm very often confronted with challenges that require flexibility, good ideas, brains, reliability and Require a sure instinct. Together with my colleagues from all areas, we develop implementation proposals and solutions for our customers. The quality of production and assembly is very high for us - that's a good feeling. It's often stressful, but when the customers satisfied and often grateful, that gives me a lot and makes me proud."
Wolfgang Bieglmayer, Sales / Customer Service, has been with us for 23 years
"...because Kahmann light advertising makes me who I am. I am also celebrating 50 years of company anniversary and I still enjoy being on the road for the company today. KLW is always accessible to the concerns, ideas and wishes of employees and customers. Klaus Kahmann has I realized right away after my apprenticeship: You belong at the front, not in the workshop! He was my mentor."
Willy Zimanzl, general manager, with us for 50 years