Corporation KLW

Kahmann-Frilla Signage. High-performance by day and night.

Our job is to portray brands and advertising messages - the key investment of many companies - in the right light, quite literally.
We ensure - day and night - for the radiant appearance and the strong image of your brand message.

The key to success rests in the hands of our customers. Our goal is therefore to recognize and fulfill your needs and wishes.

Through close market observation and research, permanent research and analysis, we maintain an overview, remain open to new ideas and recognize trends at an early stage. KLW's services are based on practical support, direct assistance and a long-term product policy.

And this is how we ensure our customers' success in the long term.

70 years of experience in two generations

In 2001 - after more than 30 years of experience with illuminated signage in each case - the two Austrian market leaders, Kahmann Lichtwerbung GmbH and Frilla Lichtwerbung AG, merged and have since been not only the undisputed number one in the Austrian illuminated advertising market, but also among the eight leading manufacturers in Europe and an important partner for Central and Eastern Europe.

The next step was taken in July 2013. Taking international developments into account, Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung took over 100% of the shares in the company Neonex. Until that day, a proven supplier for many years.

2018 was an absolute highlight in the company's history: KLW celebrated its 50th anniversary and enjoyed its best company result to date.

Together with our branch in Slovakia, Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung now employs around 150 people.

We claim market leadership and aim to maintain it in the long term.

Fundamental facts about our production process:

Our production line is unique in Austria's signage industry.

Around 10,000m2 of production and office space provide enough room to successfully implement your projects.

The interplay of different materials and craftsmanship is what turns an idea into an outstanding and long-lasting product.

Regarding the materials:
In the past year alone, among other things, the following

35 tons acrylic

50 tons of aluminum composite panels

90 tons of aluminum

600 000 LEDs

were processed. the Kahmann Frilla Signage company, movement is the order of the day!

A specialist for every topic:

Plastics processing

Production of letters, banners, logos, displays and advertising materials from acrylic glass and other plastics.
CNC laser cutting, laser inlay, milling and engraving.
Deep drawing/ thermoforming/ 3x 2x 2 m tempering furnace

Locksmith/Metal finishing

Manufacture of structures for letters, banners, company signs and rotating advertising equipment. In-house galvanizing shop.

Light metal construction

Special aluminum constructions in any desired size. Production of light boxes, letters, banners, canopies.
CNC milling and laser cutting. Anodizing.

Paint shop

modern in-house paint shop

Electrical Department

From complete installations of light boxes, letters, banners and company signs to complex light control systems, everything is possible.


High power LED following the latest development trends are used in our equipment.

Graphic design/CAD planning

Digital printing department

High-performance machines enable rapid processing of all print jobs.

Sign painting/screen printing

Foil lettering using the latest cutting plotters and graphic programs, screen printing of any kind.

Research & Development

With efficient use of resources, we act with above-average innovation. The basis for this is an extensive know-how network and a series of development partnerships with key customers.

Lights out? Light on!

Prompt repair work in case of emergency, regular maintenance and ongoing service by our qualified installation and service personnel is available to you throughout Austria, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are happy to service and repair your illuminated advertising, as well as clean and replace illuminants and transformers - even in the case of third-party installations.