Uncompromising customer satisfaction and quality must also be lived when the order has already been completed. In the event of damage, for example. This is where commitment is required. And quick action. Using the example of a case of damage at our customer Unimarkt, we would like to go into detail about our services.

The following photos show impressively how quickly image damage can occur. The customer driveway is not attractive. In the event of a strong wind, flying plastic parts can cause even greater damage if a plastic part hits a car or even a passerby.
Action must be taken quickly here. Which of course happened on the part of Unimarkt.

Unimarkt Schadensaufnahme

How does KLW react now?
KLW has enhanced its CRM system with the so-called project number. This project number is already created with the first offer and runs like a red thread through our entire data management. In concrete terms, the advantage is that in the case of additional or supplementary orders, all subcontractors and generally all external services can be researched without gaps using the project number. No important information is lost. Valuable time is saved and it is ensured that the customer receives the same goods a second time with the same quality.

(in this case layout changes were made as requested)

Unimarkt Abladen
Unimarkt Vorbereitung
Unimarkt Feinjustierung
Uni fertig markt

This pylon's advertising abilities have been restored. A clean guide is given again.